Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Torside, November

Oil pastel on canvas board 12" x 9"

A very cold, windy day but still there were people wind surfing on Torside reservoir. I worked on this for an hour on site, then rain beat me back to the car park where I could still glimpse the scene and I worked on it some more. Then finished it back home.


Blogger Dar Presto said...

I love it. Your oil pastel work is really nice. I'm not surprised you took to it so easily. I like the canvas texture on this.

10:44 PM  
Blogger Sheila Vaughan said...

Thank you Dar. I'm enjoying it.

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

I agree ... very painterly. You've also captured the muted colour and atmosphere of UK Novembers! I really like it. I must try oil pastel on canvas....

9:22 AM  
Blogger Sheila Vaughan said...

Thanks Teresa, it's really interesting to try different surfaces I think.

2:44 PM  

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