Sunday, November 02, 2008

The wool merchants

This painting has been sold

Oil pastel on gessoed paper 7" x 5" (approx)

Apologies to those of you who received this via email in its original form. Shortly after I posted it yesterday I took it off again to work on it some more. Painters' licence I'm afraid. I wanted the hills at the back to be more purply. I've got that now as far as the original is concerned. The photo is still not quite capturing the subtle colour harmonies but there you go.
Learning points: Only my second oil pastel painting but I now know you can scrape off with a clean palette knife any areas you are not happy with and re-do them. Perhaps you can even use a cotton bud dipped in white spirit to clean up right back to the base too but I didn't try that. The other thing concerns colour. I am learning that detailed observation of colour harmonies is vital - and its darned difficult to do. In the end it may matter little whether you have included that old barn or whether a sheep has 2 or 3 legs but if you don't harmonise the colours it just won't work. So detail in terms of colour rather than drawing accuracy.


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