Friday, October 31, 2008

Path to the blue hill

Oil pastel on paper 5.5" x 3.5"

This is my first oil pastel painting. They feel very strange to work with. I worked on a piece of water colour paper which I had gessoed with black gesso. You can see it round the edges and also in the painting peeping through. I don't know what to think about it but I wanted to try something different. It reminds me of the etchings we used to do at art school.


Blogger Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Interesting. It has a sort of edgy, modern, graphic quality. ...but still your wonderful color choices and composition. Would like to see more, Sheila!

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lovely- you really are talented as you move between mediums and styles -gaye

1:19 PM  
Blogger Sheila Vaughan said...

Thanks Diane and Gaye, I really appreciate your kind words and it was interesting to do something different. Yes, I might do more!

2:00 PM  
Blogger J Hopper said...

Oh my goodness - if that is your very first one you are destined for greatness! It is beautiful. I love the subtle color and atmosphere. Keep Going.

7:51 PM  
Blogger Sheila Vaughan said...

Thank you J. I am coming to see that the simplest of shapes, compositions, etc. can be just as challenging as very intricate ones.

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

Love your work Sheila! I also really like the way you are using oil pastel on torn paper. It gives the pictures a wonderful rustic quality.

Theresa Evans

9:29 PM  
Blogger Sheila Vaughan said...

Hi Theresa, it's so nice to get a local visitor! I have admired your work for a long time especially the landscapes.

10:48 PM  
Blogger Sheila Vaughan said...

Theresa, I can see now how you thought the paper had been torn but in fact it was a normal sheet of A4 water colour paper from a pad onto which I gessoed in black acrylic a wobbly kind of "panel" on which to do that oil pastel painting.

10:52 PM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

Thanks for your compliment Sheila. I work a lot in oil pastel - it's great fun. A bit like playing around with crayons again! I often work on top of acrylics and then scrape back. You know those pointy tools you get for scraperboard? They make some interesting marks used on all different edges. Acrylic ink washes on top also make lovely resist patterns & effects. Now i'm not going to tell granny to suck eggs any longer (sorry!)

By the way, you have now inspired me to start a blog ... at long last!

Thanks for sharing your daily paintings,


6:12 PM  
Blogger Sheila Vaughan said...

Theresa, thanks so much for sharing your approaches - no, I need telling how to suck eggs ! I shall try the acrylic mixed stuff. It sounds really interesting. And let me know when the blog gets started. Great news!

9:00 PM  
Blogger Mary Sheehan Winn said...

nicely composed with lovely color harmony.

7:34 PM  
Blogger Sheila Vaughan said...

I keep trying to pay attention to those two things - thanks Mary

9:02 AM  

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